Craft Beer Rising – who’s going?

UPDATE: Glad to note that the CBR folks have put a sort of a brewery list online. It’s a PDF of brewery logos… looking good, check it out by clicking here!

I went to Craft Beer Rising in 2013 and it was a bit of a disappointing come-down from October 2012’s IMBC experience. Reflecting on it this week I’m thinking “cross between an IT industry trade-show and a concrete car-park – with the the bonus of beer”. As grim as that sounds, I did say at the time I’d go again and I enjoyed the day out.

It’s been a close one though. I was considering skipping the gig, the fact that the CBR people are too lazy to maintain a useful and informative website was a big drag factor. They’re in the “just posting random shite on FaceBollocks is sufficient” camp  – even their Twitter feed is mostly links into FaceBollocks. I don’t mind people using FaceBollocks but don’t make it your primary platform FFS. It’s a daft mess. People “doing it wrong” online really get my goat… but then…


I found out the @YeastieBoys would be along to do some tastings with Melissa Cole… sod. I’ve been keen on them and their beer ever since drinking huge volumes of it back in New Zealand in 2011. Coming to the UK you say? Maybe there’ll be some exRRex along, or failing that I’d settle for Rex Attitude. Phwoar! (They’re also brewing up a cask version of their wonderful tea-infused Gunnamatta at Adnams for the Wetherspoons fest while they’re here.) With this in mind I thought I’d have a closer look… still no damn list. Oh well. Websuck, vim, search, type… and I have this:

I think this is not complete – that last one was announced only yesterday. Anyway, as it stands it is a tantalising list of beery names – and it is definitely better than last year. In fact this list certainly makes it worth my while attending… why the CBR folks can’t simply put it on their next-to-useless website I don’t know. Not everyone has time to trawl through a messy social media backlog (I wouldn’t have bothered but for the Yeastie Boys info). At least I didn’t have to create yet-another-temporary-account to get to their stuff on FaceBollocks – they win points for not putting up the usual FB Brick Wall of No Data Access.

Anyway – see you at Craft Beer Rising’s Saturday arvo session if you’re about. Here’s where our day out at the event last year ended up:

Colin enjoys a craft Carling on the train home.

Colin enjoys a craft Carling on the train home.