Twitter is a liability for the likes of myself, I am 140-character-incompatible.

But it’s more than that. I sit here trying to work on a major project, trying to update my stock, trying to get on top of the email backlog, and fretting about the accounting backlog and chaos … I need to remove a distraction and time-sink. Twitter is the great big bollocksing-along water-cooler which I can do without for the forseeable future.

I’m about to let an industrial unit, I need to move twice as much beer to make that viable. I need to build two huge coldstores. I need every drop of focus and time I can muster to keep trying to do things right and better. Even having a cask coldstore is a competitive disadvantage, choosing to have a colder keg/packaged coldstore is perhaps competitive suicide. But I shall plug on, because I won’t lower my standards to the British status-quo of cheap-comes-before-quality… cheap-n-cheerful? No… cheap-n-shite… it’s crunch time, and time is my most precious and scarce resource.

For all matters beer-related I can be found at: @JollyGoodBeer – where I shall try and maintain a more professional façade. (All notifications/etc for the dummy @beeryvan account are disabled. Twitter… now 0.009% less sweary.)

And also

This is no great vanishing act. I am still here.



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