European Beer Bloggers Conference

Wow, OK, I’m going to be at this tomorrow — barring train shenanigans. I’m sitting on the 20:45 Cambridge to King’s Cross, to rendezvous with the 23:50 Caledonian Sleeper to Edinburgh. (Should give time to pop into Euston Tap, sneaky sneaky.) Hotel is booked. EBBC registration is in. This all happened within the last 4 hours.

I didn’t go to the EBBC in London last year. I do this blogging thing for a bit of a lark, what need do I have for some sort of conference about it? Then the tweets rolled in about the cool & crazy stuff going on there. And I envied. But oh well…

The chance for EBBC13 came along, but I looked at my rather full beer schedule and thought to myself: “Edinburgh, I love the place and want to go again, for for 2013 it is just one beery thing too far.” These things cost time & money. So with a sigh I passed it by.

Then yesterday this came along. Ohhh… £500 quid stipend to go to EBBC. So last minute. Just my style. Oh, what the heck… I commented.

This morning I had it on my mind. Packed some extra clothes & contacts, etc, in my work bag. Feeling foolish.

Queue about 3:30pm. An email arrives. Would I like to go to EBBC.

Wow… OK. Speechless, grinning like a nutter. (My colleagues are used to this sort of thing.) Booked tickets, hotel, got sorted for last minute day of leave (I’m pretty lucky here.)

On Skype Kat types to me: Where’s Colin? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Queue a fast 9 mile pedal home, just for Colin. Taxi back to town, beer with friends, on a train.


Wow. I’m on the way to Edinburgh. Just wow. *grins* Mental.

This is all thanks to @LetThereBeBeer, I’m not really sure who or what they are. Haven’t had time to investigate, although I have heard some murmurings. Corporate body I hear, which would gel with their login-only Facebook page (so I can’t see it). And crazy “verify your age to follow us” twitter account. (So I’m not, stuff that!) But big business isn’t necessarily bad. So we shall see! I am highly thankful no matter what! (Until I get strapped into some corporate brainwash machine Total Recall style.)

See you there? :-D We have trainbeer to drink!

[First time I have ever blogged from a train, first time I have ever blogged with the Android app. It is a faff! Excuse typos.]

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